eellement asked:
Your life honestly reflects my bucket list since forever. When I get older I wish to travel and see new things and new people just like it seems your doing. What an outstanding lifestyle. When you live in this big blue world it wouldn't make any sense not to see it from every aspect as you can. Your blog motavates me to do that entirely :-)

Thanks! Anything is possible when you have the passion and commitment to make it happen.

ajourneytofindmyself asked:
Hello! I am thinking of taking a gap year before going to university , i am thinking about SEA , I didn't find any company that arrange something like that ... Do you know anything? Do you have any tips? Thank you! Ps your Perù pictures are stunning!

Hi! SEA is a great place to spend a GAP year on a budget. You’ll get to see tons of variety and many welcoming people. I don’t know of any companies that would put together an itinerary for you. I’d recommend doing some research yourself and staying a few weeks in each location, then moving on. Plan as you go and see where the ride takes you! That’s part of the adventure.

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